Not everyone can put with the fuel and maintenance costs and concerns of owning a four-wheel vehicle. Yes, scooters are a reasonable substitute but demand a decent fuel budget.

Here electric scooters come into the scene. They are not only affordable but are also beginner-friendly and function without gas! Many manufacturers have launched their electric scooter models into the market. However, one most-bought product is nanrobot ls7.

NANROBOT is a modern high-class manufacturing company that engineers the most reliable electric scooters in the world. Today you will get a complete overview of NANROBOT LS7 and its customer-attracting features.

Features of NANROBOT LS7

LCD Display

NANROBOT is one of the fewest companies to add a display feature to their scooters. The scooter has a brilliant LCD that copes well with bright and dark lighting settings. Common indications like current speed, battery life, speed mode, riding time, etc., are visible on the screen for easy monitoring.


Electric scooters are not usually marked as upper-class luxury vehicles. Hence, most scooters feature an average braking system that fails to work effectively for sudden stops.

In contrast, the LS7 offers dual rear and front disc brakes that allow maximum grip and immediate halts in case of unexpected obstacles at top speed.


Most users are intrigued by how fast the wheels roll. Fortunately, the LS7 has no problem touching top speed limits. It offers a high speed of 53 mph. However, some riders claimed the highest figures their scooter’s needle tipped to are 57 mph.

The LS7 has an efficient acceleration system. It reaches from zero to 18 mph in less than three seconds and attains an acceleration of 30 mph in 5 seconds. So, if you want to race a motorcycle, the LS7 will not disappoint you.

Electric Motor

Two 1800-watt motors output 3600 w of power, ultimately making the LS7 a thrilling ride. It offers two driving modes (turbo and eco modes) and 3 gear settings for optimal riding experience. According to the real-world tests and the company’s expectations, the NANROBOT LS7 motor can handle hill slopes inclined to 65 degrees.

Tires And Suspension

The tires lay out a vital performance portion of a scooter. Therefore, the LS7 features 11-inches pneumatic tires for excellent stability and grip on smooth and rough terrains. A superb deck height offers a comfortable clearance when overriding obstacles and speed bumps.

An excellent suspension system absorbs jerks and shocks, maintaining the ride quality and scooter balance.


The scooter possesses 35 Ah lithium battery that is powerful enough to last approx. 62-km. The final timings will depend upon the roughness and smoothness of the terrain.

The battery incorporated is a customized LG model that delivers the highest performance. The charging time with a single charger is around 8 to 12 hours. However, it reduces to 4 to 6 hours if you use dual chargers.

Final Verdict

LS7 from NANROBOT is an exceptional scooter that offers style and performance. The scooter possesses a high-powered motor, good tires, and dual hydraulic brakes. The suspension system is strong enough to bear severe shocks, and the battery provides a longer riding time.

Additionally, the LS7 incorporates a foldable design which makes it super-portable. Its sturdy aluminum design can handle riders weighing up to 330 lbs.

It may prove expensive for some users. Therefore, Nanorobot offers a lighter version with a 60V 25Ah battery for budget-restricted buyers.


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